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Dynamic Healthcare gets you back to enjoying freedom from pain and the nagging injuries holding you back.
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Dynamic Healthcare provides cutting-edge therapies and the best in personal care so that you get better, faster.

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You Don't Have To Struggle With Chronic Pain.
Dynamic has the expertise and experience to help you overcome your pain and get you back to what matters most.

We have a team of providers, rehabilitation professionals, and chiropractors that all work together to provide our patients with the best in natural pain management. Complete and thorough diagnostic testing allows us to not only acknowledge and understand your pain but aggressively treat the root cause. 

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“I am so pleased with all facets of my experience thus far at Dynamic.

The staff from top to bottom have been professional,courteous and genuine in all aspects of my participation and are extremely involved in my rehab. I have, and will continue to share with co-workers and friends alike, how great Dynamic is. Thanks guys!”

-Gary E

“I have been going to Dynamic for over a year with chronic low back and leg pain and they have been successful in getting me on my feet again.

The staff is wonderful and care about your whole health from weight loss and body maintenance, and teaching the skill to maintain your body for good health. I love this place! Thanks for getting me on my feet again.:)”

-Mona B

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