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Billy was struggling with pain doing everyday activities.

After a few injections, he was feeling amazing and today he's pain-free.

Bruce is free from knee pain.

Today he is able to walk pain-free for the first time in three years. Watch his story here.

Terri would do anything to avoid knee replacement surgery.

She got her wish with Regenerative Cellular Therapy. Listen to her describe the impact of her treatment has been on her life.

William saw dramatic results with chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression.

Watch his quick account of the difference it has made in his life.

Ron has been coming to Dynamic Healthcare for 12 years.

Watch how compression, adjustments, and massages all contributed to helping him manage his neck and hip pain.

Joseph wanted to avoid going in for surgery.

Watch this account on how stem cell injections helped him avoid going under the knife.

“I am so pleased with all facets of my experience thus far at Dynamic.

The staff from top to bottom have been professional, courteous, and genuine in all aspects of my participation and are extremely involved in my rehab. I have and will continue to share with co-workers and friends alike, how great Dynamic is. Thanks, guys!”

-Gary E

“I have been going to Dynamic for over a year

with chronic low back and leg pain and they have been successful in getting me on my feet again. The staff is wonderful and cares about your whole health from weight loss and body maintenance, and teaching the skill to maintain your body for good health. I love this place! Thanks for getting me on my feet again.:)”

-Mona B

“Dynamic was recommended to me

and he raved about how great the care was and how amazing he felt. So after being in incredible pain I finally went. All I can say is if you have spine pain, aches, soreness, shooting pains…the staff care program can help. I felt amazing after only one visit and I’m not exaggerating…my pain went from off the charts to a 1 or 2. Continued visits and my pain was non-existent. If you can go…do yourself a favor and give Dynamic a try. I seriously doubt you will regret it!”

Julie C

“From the smiling employees checking me in at the front desk to the careful listening of the chiropractors- I love this place.

This has become my go-to place for neuropathy & chiropractic.”

-Anna G

“Thanks to the concern and care of Dr. Paul I am able to walk again.

 I came in there barely able to stand up straight after some issues with a disk in my back. After only week (3 visits) I am back to where I started (not that great of a place) and I will continue getting back to acceptable spinal health. I am excited to work with a great office. Dr. Smith has helped me immensely as well.” Thanks Dynamic!!!

-Alisha B

“I am ecstatic with my results on the HCG weight loss program.

Jessica was my biggest cheerleader through my journey of losing 50 lbs. I have regained my confidence in myself and feel healthier than I have ever felt in my entire life. My husband joined me in this weight loss journey and together we have worked hard to create a healthy lifestyle change that will stay with us forever! Because of this program, I am able to fit into clothes that I haven’t worn in over 5 years. I am a happier, more confident, more focused individual now. Because of this program, I have my old husband back and enjoy spending every waking minute with him. Now we are better role models for our 9-year-old son and pledge to continue doing what we’re doing. Thank you to everyone at Dynamic Healthcare for your motivation and encouragement! We love you!”

-Laurel O.

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